Control buttons direction

  1. Press the up and down button on the control switch simultaneously until the motor shunts up and down.
  2. Now check the direction configuration is correct (the down button should lower the blind).
    If it`s wrong, press stop button for two seconds until motor shunts — this changes the direction of the controls.

Setting limits

  1. Press up button until blind is fully up.
  2. Press stop and down buttons together until blind moves downwards [10 sec run time].
  3. Stop the blind at desired position and make any adjustments with the up and down buttons.
  4. Press stop and up buttons together to set the down limit.
  5. The blind will now move to the up position.
  6. When the blind has reached the up position press the stop button for two seconds [until it jogs].
  7. Now press the small button on the back of the controller to register the setting and exit setting mode.

Adjusting limits after installation

For All Somfy RTS Motors

  1. Take the blind to the limit that needs changing using the handset.
  2. Hold down simultaneously UP and DOWN on the handset until the blind does 1x Jog
  3. Change the Limit to the necessary position
  4. Once set, Hold down the MY button until the blind does 1x Jog

Factory reset

Turn power off for five seconds and on for five seconds do this five times and this will allow you to reprogram.

[- off for 4 sec, on for 8 sec , off for 4secs and on as normal. If jogs/does nothing then incorrectly. If runs for 5 sec then done correctly, if jogs persist more than 3 times of reset then assume it has run for 5 sec. – hold prog = 1 JOG = handset added, 2 jogs = factory reset]