Supa-Tension Rooflights

  • Wires are the same as a standard blind but with the addition of £100 for the first metre of width plus £50 per metre of width thereafter.
  • Wires are set at 40 mm inside guides and at a slight angle, when the blind closes the wires run up threaded spools and end up parallel.
  • Boxes should be horizontal, while cover can be drawn one to 360 degrees.
  • Control is only by RTS or Hard wired motors, Gear is NOT an option.
  • Maximum Size width is 2.5 m and the maximum drop is 2.8 m and not exceeding six square metres.
  • Box Size for wire spools is 90 mm and for cover box is 90 mm up to 1800 mm and over this is 110 mm.

You can see images of fitted blinds as well as a video of our roof light blinds in action on this page.