What sets the Supa-Dark apart and what is FRS?

FRS is Supa-Darks Fabric Retaining System

  • Screen is fitted with a flexible strip with beads that is HF welded to the edge of the screen, This locates in a PVC strip and is kept taut by stainless steel springs this allows the screen to run free while retaining it when more dramatic air movements occur.
  • A picture of this is in line drawings.

Wind-proof with blackout and mesh screens

  • Wind class 3 (up to force 6 on the Beaufort scale) due to the fabric retaining system (frs) that keeps the fabric perfectly in position
  • Insect-repellent because the space between the box, guide rails and fabric is completely closed
  • Black-out and mesh fabrics in many colours
  • Rounded head box in 90 and 110 mm
  • Area of up to 8 m2 (ideal for large expanses of glass)

Technical details of the Supa-Dark

Blind consists of a box, bottom lath, guide rails and fabric. The box, bottom lath and guide rails are made from extruded aluminium with a powder coating number : - Ral 9010

  • Rounded Head box comes in 90 or 110mm.
  • Bottom lath has rubber gasket to absorb any unevenness in the sill (so that no light shines under the bottom lath and with integral weight that ensures fabric stays taut in the vertical.
  • Side guides comes with PVC FRS retainer and has stainless steel springs every 250mm to keep fabric taut in the width

Two fitting options

  • Standard face fix (guides are pre drilled with fixing holes on face)
  • Recess fit (Guide comes with no holes but a fixing flange behind the guide for drilling on site)

Important Fixing Note

When over 2 metre width or drop on 90mm box and 1 metre on 110mm box it is recommended that two additional box fixings are used either through the back of the box or up into the windows lintel.

It should not be assumed that blinds under the stated size do not need independent box fixing.

Operation Methods

  • Gear box and folding crank handle, gearbox having a down stop and telescopic drive to allow easy fine adjustment, roller comes with compensating spring to ensure little or no weight is applied to the gearbox.
  • Blinds are normally made with handles that are 10 mm short of the lowest point of the blind.
    If handle is required longer or shorter, details should be made in the ‘Additional notes’ box (when placing your order): - handle should be plus or minus ……… mm.
    The handle will then be that distace either side of the bottom of the blind when straight.
  • Electric motor is of SOMFY and comes with Radio control or hard wired for switches.


  • Single screen
    • Maximum width: 3.5 m
    • Maximum height: 3 m
    • Maximum area: 10 m2

Fabrics Available

  • Blackout fabrics are from the A12 card and of 4 ply construction compliant to : -
  • BS 5867 1980 part 2, Type B flammability requirements
  • Mesh type materials with a range of colours and density.

Warranty Exclusions

Supa-Shade is unable to accept any responsibility for free issue fabric being suitable for the intended purpose. This includes materials, components and fabrics that have been specified by the customer.

Should any items not be suitable for the intended purpose the customer will still be liable for the unsuitable products.