The Supa-Frame is designed to replace the timber sub-frame & aluminium angle that leaves fixings visible.

The Supa-Frame is typically used within a window reveal that's out of square or uneven. In these cases the Supa-Frame aluminium section provides a flat surface to which guides can be face-fixed. An adjustment, of up to 15 mm, on each side is possible to help achieve a square and true fix.

The Supa-Frame also provides a structural fixing for the head box (but is not a total replacement for intermediate fixings).

The Supa-Frame can be mitred so when installed in a roof light well, it provides a shelf for any type of blind to be fitted to from above.

A white or black pvc cover is attached to hide all fixings achieving a much more attractive and stylish look.

Supa-Frame parts are stocked in 5-metre lengths and sold as angle and cover:

  • Full 5-metre length priced at £3.25 per metre
  • Cut lengths are priced at £3.60 per metre and include cutting
  • Carriage at the cost of £15.00
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